We all believe you are the Zen Master, the Jedi knight of cable operators–quiet, but fearless.

I remember the long, long time I struggled with the process of getting off the dock.

There was phase one–total assistance.

Phase two–swing the board

Phase three–push and count to three

Phase four–just count.

And an optional loop of these last three phases for wakeskate.

I can do it all myself now, although never do I take it for granted.

There would be times–many, many times when just knowing that you were operating made the kids and I breath a sigh of relief.

It wasn’t just that you were a good cable operator, you made us calm.  You had our back.

And we loved you and admired you for it.

I don’t trust many people.  I trust you.  You are the best.

And because I trust you, and because you are the best, I will miss you so much.

As far as we are concerned you will always be family.  And you go on to the next step with our prayers and our hope to see you thrive.

On and off the water, may you thrive.

You will be forever a part of our story.

Thank you,

E, for all of us