No poetry in an accident
Cars strewn across the highway
Playthings tossed/broken/wrenched

Presumably at the hands of a capricious child

Only real
Terribly real
No simile can describe the way a man gets crushed by metal and words the
Airless horror of twisted steel

We scan the news for hope
That strangers survived
That hope prevailed

When the naked eye snaps
A picture you cannot forget
A cardboard box like a truck
Innards like paper
An explosion of pulp not fire
Still the ghosts of this haunting forest

Sorrow spills out all snow, water, and fear
Can any man survive this no

I ask myself what was on each sheet
Of paper
A bride’s dress
A virgin’s heavy veil
Or simply the stuffing from a pillow
We all know these are the feathers of the dead

Yet we lay our heads down on them
The wings of seraphim

You my fearless
Ordinary angel

for my wonderful Antonia