Years ago I set out looking for signs of God’s expressive love for me–butterflies are signs. There are others…

But one of my favorite is the found penny. If I see a penny on the ground or in a random spot I take it as a personal reminder–sent from God that He loves me.

I usually leave them where I find them. I don’t need the pennies, just the love note.

A while back I sent a beloved gift to someone and they rejected the gift. I am not surprised. We do not agree on much and we are not on the same path.

But the gift was so infused with the message of redemption that the rejection of the gift seemed unwise and incompatible with faith.

How can anyone find offense in Jesus?

The answer is easy–we all would, if we truly saw him disfigured for our sins.

But the wise understand that Jesus made himself hideous so that we could be beautiful.

He gives us beauty for ashes.

He was despised
Despised and rejected of men.

If he was then, I should not be astounded he is now. But I am afraid, afraid for those who chose not to see-

The Cross
The Man
The love

Poured out for us.

All of us, so lost without him.