I have been a comfort eater for years.

I have dieted over the years, exercised religiously, and I have practiced long and short-term fasts for years.

I wanted to get to a point of emotional freedom with food and I think I have finally rounded a corner.

I recently realized that TED has its own Roku channel now and we have been enjoying the freedom of lots of TED talks.

One was on mindful eating, a concept I had heard but not really explored. The speaker explained not only mindful eating but the way I was eating in a way that just clicked.

I love mindful eating! For years and years and years I thought I had to use self-discipline to tame my food issues.

This feels like the opposite of that. It is a joyful process with no limits on what I can eat, only on how.

I love mindful eating, and because I genuinely enjoy it, I am pretty sure I am going to stick with it.

If you have any kind of food dependencies you may want to check
it out..