Yesterday I was stuck someplace quiet, with a beautiful view. I decided to listen to the audio Bible I had with me.

The Gospel of Matthew–gospel meaning “God’s spell,” or “Good News.”

It is good news, but it is also poetry.

Matthew, a former IRS flunky, writes in a way that is unmistakable about a Man-who-should-not-be-mistaken.


Matthew uses this word countless times both in marking what Jesus did and recording what he said.

When you listen to the book you notice all the beholds.

We live in a spastic 1.35 second attention span culture, but even we behold things.

Some of us behold things we ought not. Others of us obsess over Johnny Depp.

We behold, and ultimately the quantity and quality of what we behold will define us.

Some people say that we are changed by what we love. Others maintain that we are defined by who loves us.

Both are true. But regardless of who we love and chose to behold, we are loved and seen by God.

He cherishes our sorry asses.

Excuse me–Behold, he loves us.

You better recognize this.

That is what St. Matt is saying.

Pay attention, people, there’s gonna be a the end of this story.