It seems fitting that we picture them traveling in the winter darkness.

They came “from afar” and when they arrived the Boy was no longer a newborn.

They were astronomers. Moved by a star.

And their story (like so many in the Bible) is marred by great suffering and evil. As a result of their little powwow with Herod, children were murdered.

And to what end? They saw a kid, gave his family some expensive presents, then took off.

What was the point?!


Love is inefficient
Love is costly
Love resides in unlikely places
Love invites deadly opposition
Love deserves our extravagance, our best.

If it is true that January 6th is the most depressing day of the year, then maybe we should examine why?

Is it because we should mourn the children slaughtered for a political expediency?

Is it because we do not practice the extravagance of love?

Or is it because we lack the vision or the faith to see our redemption in the Child sent for us in the dark night of winter?

From the valley of the feast of the kings we begin our yearly pilgrimage to the Cross.

The scaffold upon which our hope of resurrection hangs.