Sigh. There is some stuff I should be doing, but I can’t because I am holding a sleeping child. If I move, he wakes. So I don’t move.

When I was a kid I got to see Michelangelo’s Pieta. Beautiful, brilliant, and sad. Someone told me that Mary is physically so much bigger than Jesus in the statue because the weight of his stone figure had to be supported by hers. A simple matter of physics. The opposite of the story itself–the weight of his death holding up the weight of her life.

I love Ondaatje’s book Anil’s Ghost for many reasons including the pietas woven into the narrative.

Our lives are fragile and the love that holds us is either ephemeral or eternal, depending on your theology.

My theology is pietal–hold the child in your arms for he will grow so fast.

Or in your case, dearest girl, she will be taken.

One day we will all be found.