Sometimes a phrase can stick in a person’s mind. Resonate.

In this case the phrase was

the minimum requirement.

The minimum requirement for life?
Oxygen, food, water

The minimum requirement for government?
Laws that can be regulated and enforced.

The minimum requirement for tea?
Hot water, tea leaves

The minimum requirement for love?
Suddenly the threshold of minimum gets raised considerably.

Love takes attention, sacrifice, devotion, commitment, time.

Love requires things of us.

So what is the minimum requirement for heaven?

Safety. Kindness. The Golden Rule.

Those are the citizens of the kingdom. But the requirement of heaven is so pure and so holy that it takes an Man to get us there. A Man who would be King.

You gonna get past his requirements without him?

I am not. I need him to get there.

And I will do what he requires. Not just for love, but because I also happen to know….

The minimum requirement for hell.