Sometimes I am shocked by how much my perspective on humanity has changed in the last four years.

You would think that Hitler and Stalin would have been sufficient warning.

But they weren’t, and I persisted in the rosy assumption of human good until our story became one of trauma and survival. At that point the darkness became evident–in the reaction of the church.

In confronting specific issues related to protecting children in church from announced sexual predators I became a pariah.

It has the advantage of perspective–Isaiah’s nakedness, Hosea’s wife, John the Baptist’s diet: all make sense when you realize that God demands we confront darkness in the world. If we don’t our souls languish. If we do we end up alone in the desert munching on bugs.

Sigh. We should never suppose that the extravagant display of the prophets was just a fun little hobby to them.

It was not.

It was kingdom living. A kingdom where all the children are safe–surely worth the sacrifice.