We have a problem of biblical proportions.

In Judges 19 God recounts a story of such pervasive horror that our “natural” inclination is to step delicately around it and look away.

We shouldn’t.

We are now worse than the Israelites in Judges 19. We pay billions of dollars for “law enforcement” that does not protect our children from savagery, rape, and bullying.

The absolute weenie “husband” in Judges still has the moral sense to protest the gang rape-to-murder of his concubine.

When a remarkably similar event occurs in Maryville, MO the sheriff endorses actions of the perps and does nothing.

The doing nothing is the common thread here–over and over, case after case, “good people” look the other way as young women and children are hounded, raped, drugged, and harassed to death.

Shame. Shame on us.

We are so focused on our own survival amidst the wolves and predators that we are willing to throw our children to them.

Which brings me to the money question–where are true shepherds, willing to lay down their lives for their sheep?

Not in Maryville, Missouri, apparently. In Maryville the wolves keep score–

Matt-1, Daisy-0.

Jesus whipped people for less. Jesus lays down his life for his sheep.

Thank God for real justice. One day coming.

We will all have to answer.