I admit I was hoping for more from
Rebel Wilson’s new sitcom. I really enjoyed her strong performance in Pitch Perfect and was hoping we might be able to round a corner on fat girl stereotypes.

Not yet, apparently.

SFN seems to be aiming for the meaty middle ground of serving up insecurity and need against the vixenish waif of anorexic America.


First, it should be a rule that a beautiful woman with a rich down-under accent gets to write said accent into storyline.

Second, why does a woman who embodies such strength in real life get boxed in by fat girl jokes?!!

And last–a brief historical diatribe.

Queen Esther would have been round and lovely. The Bible makes it clear they fattened up the lovelies in the Babylonian sleep-with-the-king contest.

Renaissance art enforces the idea that for much of our history on the planet, a woman with junk in the trunk was al-right.

And then we go back a bit–the woman of Willendorf is one of our earliest of female beauty (maybe even deity).

Our recent, deadly fixation with extreme thin is not good for anyone.

I hope the writers of SFN give Rebel Wilson some room to shine.

Because her show should be as strong as her bio.