The words on the message were so stark.

My young friend just wanted to be thin…because…

She was constantly being exposed to images of women with eating disorders who had been tarted up for the camera and then airbrushed into a fiction.

That’s my guess anyway, because I would like to be thin too. Thin is fun.

Unless it is not.

Like if you are a slave to it.

Or if you are poor.

If you have an unstable food supply and are hungry. Very hungry.

I have an idea for a movie–a deranged fashionista travels to a war- and famine-ravaged part of Africa in an effort to find even thinner models for a show.

Ignoring the dire plight of why they are so thin.

I don’t “just” want to be thin.

I want to be kind

Thin is overrated. The goal, my dear, is to be eternal, like a light that cannot be extinguished in the darkness.

And sometimes to be eternal, ya gotta have some substance.

Ya gotta be strong. Maybe even learn to…throw yer weight around a little.