New York City is an alien universe.

Apparently the right of rapists to violate and impregnate children trumps the right of the average Joe to get a jumbo soda in New York City.

Instead of asking why are eleven year olds in the Big Apple getting pregnant and how old are their rapists?! many of the mayoral candidates are clamoring to endorse plans to foist abortions on these children.

So let’s review the facts:

18 is the age of consent

Non-consensual sexual contact is rape

Children cannot legally consent to sex

Many young girls are impregnated by men who are much older than them–pedophiles

Boys can also be rape victims and need protection from abuse. They don’t need quickie abortions, but just like their female counterparts they need the law to be on their side.

The side of justice for the children–a lonely campaign indeed.