For the record: I did not sign on to be a fire-and-brimstone preacher. I would prefer to talk about the love of God than hell–existential or otherwise.

But a series of difficult and painful events seems to suggest my own desire to not look like a whacko supersedes telling this story–

I recently had a glimpse of hell.

Again, I am not keen on writing this it was pretty terrifying, but here goes–

It was like looking down the gullet of a ghastly monster. The monster was swallowing people. It’s pull was inexorable.

I could see the heat–orange, yellow, and red with a darkness behind it. Imagine the pallet of The Scream.

Humans were in agony, trying to escape, grasping and clawing at anything, only it was appallingly clear they are trapped.

The looks on their faces haunt me.
The whole thing haunts me. The idea of forever in that place.

The only antidote I know to hell is Jesus.

Worried about hell? Worried about not-good-enough?

He’ll save us.
Only Him.

John 3