I admit I do not take “marriage equality” as seriously as I should…

Because all parties involved assume divorce is already on the table.

We have not fully decided the issue of gay marriage and we are beginning to see “gay divorce.”

My adopted daughter used to taunt me with the ideal that her adoption was “just a piece of paper.”

This was funny because it wasn’t. It is very hard to divest an adoption. It should be.

When I found out my adopted son had done unspeakable things I thought about the medieval punishment of strapping a murderer to his dead victim. It was a slow, disgusting, agonizing death sentence.

So when you think about marriage
Think about covenant
And when you think about covenant
Divorce is a legal illusion
Not a spiritual reality

Then ask yourself (carefully)
What am I bound to?
What am I irrevocably bound to?

Choose wisely.