I was trying to explain to a young friend of mine why, me first was not the healthiest life ethos. I told him a story Jesus told about people jostling for seats at a fancy dinner. You don’t want to take a really high-end seat only to have the master bump you to the kiddie table.

The last will be first and the first will be last.

As I told him all of this I had a flashback to a lunch I once attended with two of my children when they were very young–under 4.

We had paid for the lunch. It was part of a missions orientation. Snappy group–glossy websites, mission statements. The “full-time missionaries” exulted over these orientations–free lunch! they told us.

They swamped the lunch line–shoveling in roast beef and chatting with other employees. Not one adult in the room responded to my children–last in line with me, their mother, trying to assuage their hunger while all the important people ate.

A thousand sermons, no love? That ain’t Jesus, folks. That is just wolves at the table.

I believe that God will call us to account for everything–every selfish word, careless thought. How will we explain all the money, all the compassion, we have squandered in His courts?