They say that comedy is tragedy plus time, what they don’t tell you is that it can also be hubris plus U-Haul.

I watch as my beloved passed gas station after gas station. I had a feeling he was aiming for the Luling Buccee’s.

Sure, it made me nervous but…men!

We ran out of gas miles before Buccee’s. I was ticked.

Semis whizzed past us in the setting sun as we tried to google the nearest gas station. The search was not fruitful. My husband trudged through the long grass along the edge of the access road as I threatened to call for a tow truck to bring gas.

He found a house and approached it. The gracious homeowners helped us. As the man approached our car with my husband and a gas can he asked me.

Are you going to be nice?

It seemed to be exactly the sort of question God would ask me. I told him that he had not just saved my family but had also saved my marriage.

We tried to offer our savior money for the gas but he would not take any. He said


We thanked him and got to the nearest gas station.

My husband said–

See, I couldn’t have picked a better place to run out of gas.

I corrected him–

God picked a good place for us to run out of gas.

A needed reminder to me–there is great kindness in the world.