I love my spam. The bulk email detritus blows in each day like leaves in a storm–members that need to be dealt with, a variety of house fraus with strange hobbies, and offers of wealth from emissaries of foreign states.


But one that caught my eye was from an octogenarian lottery winner. Can you believe she would single me out like that? Bless that woman!

Some scams are easy to spot, others are more subtle–the fake charities and sure things.

I am fascinated by treasure. Not the Nigerian prince kind, the kind that lasts forever.

Forever treasure has one source and two identities–the source is the heart of God, the identities are His love and our eternal souls.

It is easy to convert the choir. Who is it hard to convert? Who is it hard to convince that they themselves are treasured by God? Loved and cherished forever.

Don’t be distracted by all the noise, all the spam–you are the treasure. We are all priceless to Him.

Because He set and paid our ransom price.