This is a true story but it happened so many years ago that the little girl in question would now be 9-12 years old.

It is a story that cannot be linked to me. The people in the story should be allowed their anonymity.

It is entirely true.

It is also one of many–a common story. A story I have heard repeated over and over.

I am the wife of a doctor. This means that frequently people ask me my opinion just because my spouse is knowledgeable.

I always do my research and qualify my answer–I never offer medical advise. I am not a doctor. Usually the story itself is what matters.

A young woman told me she had recently gone to an abortion clinic on the advise of a doctor. She was suffering personally and in her family life as a result.

Her question to me was: had she done the right thing?

Sure. I am noisily pro-life, so what am I going to say?

But she was asking a medical question–of me, an English teacher.

And even I knew the answer was no.

Her doctor had counselled her to abort based on the exposure to something mild that would have had a statistically improbable likelihood of hurting her baby.

She had trusted her doctor.

Let me repeat that again.

There was a less than 2% chance that what she had been exposed to would have had any detrimental influence over her pregnancy.

But if something had come up and doctor had not advised to abort she could have sued.

So she chose to abort.

Welcome to the difficult and heartbreaking decisions of abortion.