My Mamaw was a sweet little old lady who knew how to make some noise.

Ok. She wasn’t that sweet.

But she taught me that she was a Texan and a taxpayer and that meant if she had problem she couldn’t fix maybe her elected representatives could.

She called’em when she needed them.

I remember thinking that she would have been disappointed if she had known that I never really managed to bend the ears of democratically elected officials the way she did. Maybe her causes were just better than mine.

But let this be clear–my causes have always been about the girls. First I fought for Veronica in another state. Then I spoke out for safety for my daughters here.

Funny how noisy people can get about a cute pair of shoes. And how quiet everyone gets when the lives of real little girls are on the line.

Agree with me?


Disagree with me?

Still good.

Either way let the people you pay to represent you in government know how you feel about the rights of children in Texas.

Make some noise. We are the lucky ones–old enough to get heard.