I wrote about Charish on my other blog but this story bears scrutiny:

Charish died because her mother allowed a pedophile to ingratiate himself to her through gifts. Why? How could she let her guard down?

Charish died because “the system” did not adequately supervise dangerous pedophiles–dangerous repeat offenders…. Convicted, identified sex offenders are given plea bargains and let walk–no supervision and no warnings to the unsuspecting.

My solution: public identification.

Sure, I would prefer prison island, castration (chemical or surgical), or a neat little facial tattoo, but since I can’t get much consensus from people on this I am going with:

the cone of shame

Yep, from Up. Put cones on their necks. Then tell all the moron moms like me–this isn’t all the dangerous guys out there, but if the guy has a cone, don’t let him near your kids.