I find the Sermon on the Mount a tough read. Sure the blessings are great!

..or are they? Mourning? Poverty? Hunger? Loss? Flipping persecution?!?

And those are the tidy greeting card verses. There are unrequited bad guys in the sermon, a call for almost unbearable meekness…admonitions to love…

The truly unlovely.

I go back to these words, these impossible instructions, over and over again–I shrug to myself. He can’t mean that.

But he probably does. Childbirth sounds impossible until you do it, and even then it ain’t no picnic.

The results, though, the results are worth it–the life of an eternal human.

So maybe that is my key–maybe I have to read and re-read the sermon like it is a birthing book. A birthing book for my own eternal soul. So far from holy. So far from good. So close to Love.