We love Pixar.

Our family is renovating our house. Parts of it are torn up and other parts are so much better than they were before. It is a work in progress.

All this scraping, cleaning, carpentry and painting has left our kids with some extra jobs and some time for Pixar.

They were watching the Toy Story movies–so nourishing and fun. I always cry at the end of the 3rd movie, but not for the usual reasons.

Our adopted son used “playtime” as a venue for grooming and then molesting children. I remember times when we marveled at how much he knew about his sisters’ toys. We had no idea of his dark purposes.

The country of children should be safe. Little ones should be protected and honored, not treated as objects.

I mourn
I repeat myself and mourn each time
I remember
…What I thought was…What was true.