Finally saw Lincoln. Better than I expected. The movie directed my gaze toward Mrs. Keckley. I would like to see a movie about her.

But I doubt I will.

We watch all varieties of monster horror crap, but we don’t really like to face the monster horror of our own history.

This woman was amazing. She was smart and resilient–an abuse survivor.

But here’s the thing–for several hundred years this country functioned on the wheels of institutional rape and abuse. It was our bread and butter.

The Mrs. Keckleys of our history need to be honored because they survived the assault of institutional and personal cruelty and lived through it.

One of the difficult things to face about the Civil War is the real knowledge that it would take an additional century of blind, moronic cruelty before an entire group of US citizens had equality under the law.

And genuine legal equality is a fiction. Money and privilege and social pragmatism still rule in the place of justice.