I am sick. All versions of Illness that force me into GI rest remind me of when I was 11.

I had Reye’s Syndrome and my brain swelled causing convulsive vomiting. Miserable. It was years before I could eat the food I ate that night.

Reye’s Syndrome was brutal–so much so that I have a memory gap. These minor germs-from-a-playground illnesses are nothing compared to the kinds of diseases that will kill us.

I lost weight that time. I was also so weak and beaten up by what had happened to me that it took some time to recover. Everyone said it was a miracle I survived.

All over the world, every day, people, especially young children die of preventable diseases and hunger.

We put ourselves on diets to look like airbrushed models and children in poverty starve.

An always slim actress talked about a time when she lost weight after a stomach bug. She was shocked by how many people complimented her on her weight loss.

Some things are arbitrary. We covet and congratulate thin as a way of saying a person is wealthy enough to afford a trainer and food security.

But the truth is much more dire. None of us is truly secure. Life is fragile and dangerous. Where and how we seek comfort and protection matters so much more than a number on a scale.