He says (crazily) that we must eat and drink him. I can feel the crowd shift with discomfort. huh?! What?!. Dude, cannibalism?

He is not afraid to shock us, but his message is simple. We must learn to live. We must learn to eat and drink eternal life.

I have mostly found the public Christian service of communion hollow. We participate in the ritual but not the real life. We go home after “communion” and eat crap on our computers, kick the dog, terrorize each other just to possess the remote control.

Jesus calls us to life eternal and we horde Twinkies.

I horde twinkies.

That is a hard sentence to own, but it is good for me. Perhaps it would be just as bad to horde strawberries or carrots. I could see myself with crazy stashes of cheesecake and peanut butter cups. But what I need each day is manna–bread from heaven. The bakery of God.

I once lived next to a bakery. The aroma made me want to climb the walls and raid the storehouse.

So should Jesus. His broken matzos sacrifice, the traveling wine of Passover will one day be transformed into the sweet aroma of the wedding feast.

One day, I say, knowing that the choice is ours today. Heaven starts today.

Eat up.